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Reebok Classics Black/charcoal WORKOUT PLUS - Sneaker

Reebok Classics Black/charcoal WORKOUT PLUS - Sneaker
  • Obermaterial: Coated Leder, Synthetics
  • Außensohle: Gummi
  • Komfortable Passform

Über die Marke

Reebok was founded in the late 1800s by Joseph William Foster, a brit who specialized in manufacturing trackshoes for runners. Reebok remained British until the 70's / 80s when an American - Paul Fireman - bought the company. It was during the 80's that Reebok launched a shoe that really made an impression on the market - Freestyle ™ became the first athletically designed shoe for women, and it was a perfect fit for the new aerobics dance workout.

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